Golden Brick Road to Fort Firefly {a finished quilt and tutorial!}

Hello, I love this quilt by Material Girl Quilts.
The name of the quilt is so cool, Golden Brick road to Fort Firefly.
I want to make this quilt. I like how the fabric is featured in brick style!

Material Girl Quilts

Last week I spent some time cleaning out my sewing room stash (selling a few items, gathering others for donations, etc.) and came across this fat quarter bundle that I purchased several years ago.  It is Fort Firefly by Birch fabrics.  I still simply adore everything about this collection!  The colors, prints, fireflies!  It is one of my all time favorite collections for sure.

While I was cleaning out my FQ stash, I came across these @birchfabrics Fort Firefly beauties that I'm still in love with. SO since it's almost fall, what is your favorite FQ pattern for showcasing adorable prints?!? Please help! This fabric really need

Since fall is just around the corner, I decided it was finally time to cut into these beauties.  I poured through all of my patterns, Pinterest, etc. for a quick FQ quilt that would showcase these prints like I felt they deserved.  Nothing in particular seemed to call to me, so I decided to just cut each fat quarter into rectangles and make a brick quilt.  I still have yardage leftover from my shop of the PERFECT golden shade Moda crossweave fabric that I used for the…

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I’d rather just sew. 

This afternoon I have to go into work, so I just wanted to get a little sewing in before I go. I really do try to sew every day, even if it’s just for 10 minutes.  Today I’m working on blocks that incorporate nine patch blocks. I’m using Fig Tree & CO.’s Sweet Sixteen quilt pattern

I’m also using one of their fabric lines too. Joanna Figueroa’s fabric is traditional, yet modern. 

I like how quilters are taking old blocks and quilt patterns and reworking them to make them much easier. I remember being taught by my mom and grandmother to use sandpaper for a template and cutting out fabric with scissors. Yeah for rotary cutters!

 The block also uses a four patch. Joanna makes it easy to work with little pieces in her pattern.  

I got one block put together. I’m going to try to squeeze in another one before I going to work. 

Happy sewing everyone!


To quilt or not to quilt….

…. A $3500 dollar question.                      A little over a year ago on a whim, I went into the Bernina sewing shop in Topeka after a doctor’s appointment. I had been toying with the notion to take up sewing and quilting in my “twilight” years…. Although I’m not quite sure what that means. It sounds dreamy and a little magical to me, a place and time where you get to do what your heart desires. In reality the connotation is you’re an old geezer passing the time of day by rock’n in your rocking chair. 

Anyway, I decided that perhaps I should begin doing what my heart desires before I become that old geezer. Heck I certainly feel like one already. So, before I knew what I was really doing, I was sitting in front of a $3500 dollar used sewing machine thinking I had died and gone to heaven. I was in awe with this machine! I just had to have it! It looked brand stinking new and had been owned by the sales lady who was looking for the perfect owner to pass it onto. She showed me all the bells and whistles on the machine and I rather quickly forgot about the hefty price tag. After all, I had told my husband that if I did get a new sewing machine it would probably be a few hundred dollars and which he thought was way too much to pay for a sewing machine. So I had the very nice sales lady show me a few more machines that were not as expensive. We’re talking around $1000 so I thought shoot, I will just get the one I really want for only a few more thousand. I text the hubby and he said sure! I couldn’t believe it!!!! Woohoo!! Yippee! It was like the best day ever! I was singing  the Best Day Ever Sponge Bob song in my head!

I couldn’t wait to get home with my new purchase. I promised the nice sales lady I would take good care of her once beloved sewing machine and off I went into my new “sewing and quilting life.” One little,bitty, tiny snag along the way occurred when I got home. My hubby asked me how much the sewing machine cost when I got home.  Huh? I asked you if I could get it and you said sure! He meant sure, as in, yeah right?! As in, are you insane for spending that much money on a sewing machine?! Oops. Big oops. Note to self: next time talk to the hubby so as not to get any wires crossed. What happens when wires get crossed? Lots of popping and sizzling! …just kidding.

I got razzed for over an hour by hubby and son. Such as, you could have bought a good used car for that amount. Yadah, yadah, yadahaaaaa. So then they wanted to see the machine that cost soooooo much.

Yes! The moment I had waited for. Time to break out the coveted sewing machine. I was so exited and was almost in tears. 

 My husband said, “that’s it?” For that much money you should be able to just throw fabric at it, walk away, come back and your project is finished.  And I better use it. ( It’s almost that good, lol)

Anyway, my hubby quickly got over my little mistake because he loves me. Thank goodness.

I use my sewing machine just about every day now. I think it has saved my life and has given me something  to look forward to every day!

 … So to quilt is the answer for me!